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Gregor Narholz

"Gregor is one of Austria's greatest talents..."
Laszlo Bencker, producer for Placido Domingo

"Gregor Narholz is surely one of the leading European composers of the young generation who will bring new impulses to Hollywood..."
Les Brown, former popular-music legend & bandleader


Gregor Narholz is an award-winning film composer and music producer from Austria who currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

Besides his huge talent for capturing drama and his multiple international accomplishments, it is his personality that draws people in the industry to him. Known as fast, reliable and easy to work with, Gregor delivers music that always meets the high expectations and tight deadlines in Hollywood while always creating his unique signature.

His credits include original scores for theatrical features like SpongeBob SquarePants The Movie for Paramount Pictures, video games X-Men Legends II for Activision and Battlefield 2142, as well as award-winning short films and over 40 documentaries. His work as a producer and composer in Europe has earned him Gold, Platinum and a Double Platinum record with Universal Music.

In addition, Gregor has written and produced over 1500 production music compositions, which have been licensed worldwide for film soundtracks, promos and trailers for all major studios including Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Summit Entertainment and Sony Pictures; commercials for BMW and Microsoft to name a few; major network and cable TV shows like Star Trek and X-Files, sitcoms such as Friends and Seinfeld, as well as documentaries, specials and dramatic series for Showtime, HBO, USA Network, ABC, NBC, CBS, Disney Channel and Nickelodeon.

Gregor also orchestrates all of his own music. He is an accomplished conductor who during his career has worked with a range of orchestras around the world including the London Metropolitan Orchestra, members of the London Symphony Orchestra and professional studio orchestras in Prague, Sofia and Budapest.

He has also conducted on international performing stages, most recently during the successful debut tour of the classic/pop project ADORO.

His talent and passion for music, sound and drama was discovered early on. Born and raised in Gmunden, Austria, Gregor began taking piano lessons at age 4 and received rigorous home instruction from his composer father, Gerhard Narholz. At the age of 7, Gregor began writing his own music and at 15 he started his professional composing career.

The young composer went on to study at the Richard Strauss Konservatorium in Munich, where he graduated with a degree in Classical Composition & Conducting. After attending a summer honors seminar in film music with composer Ennio Morricone in Basel, Switzerland, Gregor moved to Hollywood and completed the USC graduate program "Scoring for Motion Pictures & Television" under Christopher Young where he won the BMI Music Award in 1995.

This award was followed by a nomination for the 52nd Annie Awards, Best Score in an Animated Feature Production in 2004. In 2005 Gregor won the prestigious ASCAP FILM and TV Music Award for his score of the SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.

Gregor continues to maintain state-of-the-art mixing studios in Los Angeles, Munich and Berlin.

In addition to the US, he is incorporated in Germany and other European territories to meet International co-production funding requirements.



ASCAP FILM and TV Music Award 2005 for his score to the "Spongebob Squarepants Movie"

Original score for "Take Me Home", winner of Best Foreign Language Feature Film, Garden State Film Festival 2005

52nd Annie Awards, nomination for Best Score in an Animated Feature Production in 2004

BMI Music Award - Best Composition by Student in University of Southern California Film Scoring Program - 1995 (

Stemra Foundation Award, The Netherlands (equivalent to ASCAP) - Best Score, for short feature "The World of Boskalis" (60 min.) - 1993

Original score for Scarmour, winner of F.W. Murnau Foundation Award for Best Short, 1991


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