Jodi Arias  

The Lifetime Original Movie Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret, based on the disturbing murder trial that is captivating the nation, averaged 3.1 million Total Viewers (+55% versus Lifetime's 2013 original movie average), 1.3 million Adults 25- 54 viewers (+58%), 1.2 million Adults 18-49 viewers (+75%), 927,000 Women 25-54 (+51%) viewers and 870,000 Women 18-49 (+67%) viewers in its world premiere Saturday night, according to Nielsen Research.

The film ranks as this year's #2 original cable movie among Adults 25-54, Adults 18-49, Women 25-54 and Women 18- 49, behind Lifetime's Prosecuting Casey Anthony, and in the top three among Total Viewers.

Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret tells the story of Jodi Arias (Tania Raymonde, Lost), a seductive 28-year-old aspiring photographer recently found guilty of killing her former lover, Travis Alexander (Jesse Lee Soffer, The Mob Doctor), who was found nude in his home shower with a slit throat, 27 additional stab wounds and a bullet to the head. While investigating the violent killing, Mesa, Arizona police retrieved a digital camera from Alexander's washing machine, revealing shocking images authorities claim Arias took during their sexual escapades, as well as during and after his murder. While Jodi pled not guilty and contends she killed Alexander in self-defense, police concluded that when he broke off their relationship, she stalked her ex-boyfriend and seduced him one final time before murdering him in cold blood. Her subsequent trial has been grand theater, dominating the cable news networks as she testified in her own defense and offered explicit insight into the sex, lies and obsession that led up to Alexander's murder. Tony Plana (Ugly Betty) portrays Prosecutor Juan Martinez and David Zayas (Dexter) plays Detective Esteban Flores.

Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret was produced by SilverScreen Pictures in association with City Entertainment and Peace Out Productions, with Joshua D. Maurer, Alixandre Witlin and Judith Verno served as executive producers. The film was directed by Jace Alexander from a script by Richard Blaney and Gregory Small.



Us Magazine, June 24, 2013 Issue
3 stars out of 4
"…polished and insightful."
"…Raymonde really channels the disturbed woman's frustrations..."
OK! Magazine, June 24, 2013 Issue
Entertainment Weekly, June 21, 2013 issue
"{Raymonde} brings empathy, complexity, and wide-eyed madness to the convicted killer."
New York Post, June 19, 2013
3 stars out of 4
"Raymonde and Soffer are so good they deserve Emmy noms…"
"…I loved every second…"

Associated Press, June 19, 2013
"The big surprise: 'Dirty Little Secret' is a pretty good film. It's a draw-you-in, sudsy melodrama stocked with guilty pleasures: romance, sex, obsession, betrayal and vengeance."
"Tania Raymonde is swell as Jodi with a remarkable likeness…"
"Jesse Lee Soffer makes a fine Travis…"
"Well done.  It's dandy entertainment."
"… 'Dirty Little Secret' is a step up from the reality-TV treatment the case has gotten with its more excessive coverage."
"The film also serves as a refreshing alternative for telling the tale, dramatized for maximum titillation while, in its tidy, two-hour package, efficiently stripping away the wretched excess."

Hollywood Reporter, June 19, 2013
"…The Lifetime movie provides plenty of facts…"
"…a fine roadmap of key events."
"…Raymonde does an exceptional job of naturally capturing Arias' peculiar, whispery, sing-song speech, and depicts her mannerisms particularly well in the latter parts of the movie that cover what trial watchers will find most familiar."
"…Alexander is flatteringly portrayed by Jesse Lee Soffer who does an admirable job as the motivational speaker…"
"…Accuracy seems important to the production, and it succeeds there."

Oklahoman, June 18, 2013
  "Tania Raymonde delivers a chilling performance as Arias."

David Wiegand, Chron, June 18, 2013
"…Lifetime knows its audience…"
USA Today, June 18, 2013
Arizona Republic, June 18, 2013
"Smart direction…"
"…movie is better than anyone has a right to expect."
"sensitive, layered performances win you over."
"The performances by the two lead actors are sensitive and layered."
"As Jodi, Tania Raymonde nails the portrayal of someone who is outwardly sensible but unhinged below the surface."
"{Jace} Alexander handles the project with intelligence…"
"{Jesse Lee} Soffer is especially good when the character is torn between a member of the church and his carnal desires for Jodi."
Medialife Magazine, June 17, 2013 issue
"…just as tawdry, titillating and engrossing as the actual case."
"It's the kind of entertainment you'll hate yourself for loving."
"Those who have followed the case strictly for prurience will have that itch well scratched."
"…the movie has the ring of truth…"
"…deliciously tawdry as the real-life murder."
Globe, June 17, 2013
"…sure to shock…"
"…sensational film…"
"…steamy movie…"
"…great success…"
Cleveland Plain Dealer, June 16, 2013
"…gripping and disturbing…"
Greg Gilman, The Wrap, June 5, 2013
"…artistically exaggerated for your guilty-viewing pleasure."
KTAR Newsroom, May 17, 2013
"Fans of true crime, mark the calendar…"